#100repchallenge, poetry
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#005: Tomato Soup

We sit in a café opposite one another again

He orders tomato soup

I order nothing

I watch his averted gaze


If he’ll burst into a thousand ice chips

If I say what I want to say


The bowl arrives

Black pepper, salt

Hold the soy sauce

He slurps in an anti-clockwise spiral

I watch

Like a fiancé-to-be waiting for their future bride

To bite into the 24-carat incrusted chocolate cake

I wait


He stops


And for a moment

I think it’s me that caused the pause

That my vocal vibrations creeped out the single-glazed window

Of my mouth like a teenager on a night out



A one-inch beast

Emerges from the bowl

Primero: trunk

Segundo: ivories

Tercero: the eyes of Ellie

He doesn’t flinch

Or move an inch

Just eats around


But elefante aint having it

That soup-y orange Ellie

Struts her gloopy body

Up the metal of his spoon

Kisses Mr on the pout

Then jumps over the abyss

Into my mouth-

(Why was my mouth open?)


Senses willing, she makes me sneeze

And out pours mini-Ellies

In twos, in threes, then an incessant stream

Mr just looks at me

Hand too heavy to pass me a tissue

Pupils too placid to pass me compassion

He looks down and continues to eat around


But the filing cabinet mouthed customers are now covered in gloop

Café walls peppered with paw prints

Covered in soup

These slimy splattered customers form a coup

Their edacious eyes want the scoop

They play grandma’s footsteps with our conversation

But before they manage to grab those keys

(which I am also in search of)

Our child exits from the loo

Climbs his two-foot tall body

Into the high chair

Orange toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

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