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Sunday Round Up 27/06/2021

Hello World and Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone’s week has been full of inspiration, exploration and crafting something new. And if none of those have graced your plate, perhaps there’s still some space today? As I mentioned last week, these Sunday updates are to house the things that have provoked me, awoke me, or in some small or magnificent way aided me through the week as I continue this #100repchallenge and self-education poetry project.

I’m now over half way through my 100 reps and definitely feel a habit has started to form. But of course there is still that daily resistance to meet the digital page, to keep asking questions, to keep listening.

If you’ve done a similar challenge or watched/read/listened/participated in any of the resources below, let me know how you’ve found it! 🙂

Until next week,

Stay Curious



A few things I’ve found useful/inspiring this week of the #100repchallenge:



  • Vs Podcast– hosted by Franny Choi and Danez Smith. Described by the Poetry Foundation as ‘a bi-weekly podcast where poets confront the ideas that move them’, these two hosts are hilarious, with insane chemistry and the conversations with the guests are fascinating. They’ve been going since 2017 but only just discovered the podcast this week. My favourite eps so far have been with Morgan Parker and Eve Ewing.

Books and Collections

  • The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers by Bhanu Kapil Rider
  • My Darling From the Lions by Rachel Long
  • Breaking Silence by Jacob Sam-La Rose


  • Monos dir Alejandro Landes.

Sunday’s Quote  

I am the music you were born to

Then you put me aside, wanting your own.

Stephen Dobyns, ‘Silence’

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