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#061: Mother through play

Draw the curtains

Draw your mother

Mother the plants

Mother each other

Other is laughing

Other is living

Living in New York, Paris, Belfast

Living anywhere but the past

Past go, now I can collect my cash

Past 4pm, feel like the day is done

Done and dusted

Done is better than perfect?

Perfect prefects prep their papers

Perfect people please their neighbours

Neighbours peeking from their windows

Neighbours is on at 5pm

5PM is cinco de la tarde

5PM boss says take a seat

Seat by the window

Seat at the [kids] table

Table your thoughts

Table cloth is stained

Stained by the merriment of the day

Stained by Luca’s tomato soup

Soup slurps from his lips

Soup, that super quick fix

Fix the bike

Fix your life

Life featuring Martin Lawrence

Life featuring you by another name

Name your passions

Name your heroes

Heroes risen by our ideals

Heroes fall for being human

Human animal takes a tangerine

Human being takes a breath

Breath as brazen as snow in May

Breath as fragile as your last day

Day calls to night

Day starts a fight

Fight like you love

Fight or flight or freeze

Freeze! We’re playing Stuck In The Mud

Freeze frame drama games

Games in pairs

Games we play

Play as a means of survival

Play as way to trial

Trial the things we’ll have to do for real





Tried something brand new. It’s a blitz poem, a 50 line poem with lots of rules. If you’d like to give it a go, check all the instructions here. Happy writing!

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