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Sunday Round-Up 11/07/2021


A few things I’ve found useful/inspiring this week of the #100repchallenge:

Poetic Forms

This week I came across two forms I had never tried before:

  1. a Blitz poem, a 50-liner with lots of rules. You can click on #061: Mother Through Play to see my experiment and if you want to have a go yourself, you can check out the instructions here.
  2. Englyn Milwr, a Welsh form using tercets with end rhyme. You can check out my poem by clicking #062: Englyn Milwr Practice.


  • You A Storyteller– This week I listened to more content from this podcast. Particularly useful episodes were How to Get Unstuck, What You Eat and The Importance of Focus. Also here’s a link to the 30 Day Story Challenge where it’s about going back and studying the films of the past with prompts for what to look for in the work.

Books and Collections

  • Saga Volume 6 by Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples
  • Sometimes I Never Suffered by Shane McCrae


  • Parasite- Dir Bong Joon-ho

Sunday’s Quote  

Of course, he cannot be trusted

Nor can any man

Who promises you life for looking his way

To Be Seen from The New Testament by Jericho Brown

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