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Sunday Round-Up 18/07/2021


A few things I’ve found useful/inspiring this week of the #100repchallenge:

Poetic Forms

This week I experimented with the Lune form in two poems #071: An awful microwave and #072: FOMO at bedtime. I specifically focused on the Collum lune where the pattern goes 3 words, 5 words, 3 words. An even greater efficiency challenge would be the Kelly lune: 3 syllables, 5 syllables, 3 syllables.

If you fancy having a go yourself, you can check out a great article about it here.


  • How to Get Riches – curiosity led me to looking at anaphorisms and I stumbled across this poem by Benjamin Franklin.

Poetry Films

  • Multitudes -created by Manuel Cinema and Poetry Foundation. Poetry from “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman.


  • Funny Girl- Dir William Wyler

Sunday’s Quote  

Life’s candy and the sun’s
A ball of butter

“Don’t Rain on My Parade'” by Bob Merrill & Jule Styne from the musical ‘Funny Girl’

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