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the opening speech

Welcome to camp To experimentation To “done” projects To progress over perfection Welcome to choosing creativity first To moving from an authentic space From the fire that is barely a flicker From that part I know is still there Welcome to the part beyond fear Like a great oak in the woods 30m after rainful We call it courage ‘cause we see big roots and towering branches Yet a whisper from the wind show droplets of doubt are still there (Perhaps we won’t ever shake the fear complete?) Welcome to public practice To 31 days of metaphorical tagliatelle kissing Digitally tiled walls Sauce dripping Words slipping Ego tripping Imagination skipping Whist The Lerial logs the consistency clippings Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome

#086: collaboration

he took both index fingers knuckled them into eye sockets hoping friction would open up to new vision mouth ajar releasing vocalised innards she lent her ears to his organised letters swung wide and added her own and through dialogue they broke the fetters the myth and pedestal of great work built by one.

#084: after the rain

today everyone had been walking around like the sun had just passed them a note saying “hey I like you too” . to watch the caved shoulders of yesterday unfurl, with open-mouthed smiles showing crooked teeth in all their glory . a pedestrian privilege I don’t take lightly chatter amongst strangers who have shared the same 1/2 mile radius for last 20 years . but today their retinas reflected the blue onto one another “hey neighbour did you see it? . if you can’t look up look into my eyes there are no dark clouds in the sky today.”