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#068: morning cuppa

ginger tea comfort me as i begin the work within for affirmation beats stagnation from internal true to outward breakthrough for these finger tips were made to skip across keyboards musical and non, trace sentences in novels and the sky line at dawn oh ginger tea with a dash of lemon un trocito del cielo, a piece of heaven bring in the day line my tongue in the way of life, of love, of learning.

#011: Las Nubes/ The Clouds

Today we saw Cloud’s bump Darken, ready for birth Each kick a roll of thunder Misery Alexander Beaumont-Arthur The Third Ready to roll out Del cielo a la tierra Lungs of lightning El grito de guerra And out poured life All over the green Out poured tears Adding to the pastoral scene Third generation out in the world Getting swayed by wind Dragged in by concreate Third generation tries to run in reverse But rain must fall He makes of himself pools and puddles Hoping to keep mother’s reflection as long as he can He makes of himself A vestibule to huddle Cause reaching for las nubes is out of the plan.