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#098: teal yoga mat

having my back since 2016 biodegradable mat with little frays at the seams the tiger-striped teal followed me undeterred from lively London to loveable Luxembourg a mirror disguised in padded opaque rubber for hands to grip, for feet to flutter upside down, then on the ground the breath sighs, it sings as this wild thing tries another wild thing

#067: a mouse, a pigeon, a squirrel

a mouse, a pigeon, a squirrel scuttle across the floor of the woods where on damp soil, a skittle becomes to them an attractive good . the mouse it sniffles then swivels whip of a tail, striking the wind the squirrel completely uncivil jerky leaps to the sweet, mouse chagrinned . but where, you ask is the pigeon? tom cruising, off on a mission? or stood by a dumped muddy jacket with the rest of the skittles packet?

#059: 4th July

we glided across those globe-wide american roads from JFK to Londium accent switch with brand new idioms from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Weetabix from salt-butter popcorn to cinema sweet fix unlunchable rice puddin citrine custard with the skin in boxy cars and grey linen rounders games and “beef” brimmin culture shock, new g-shock watch Atomic Kitten, Aguilera dance on lock