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#055: Packing for Camp NaNoWriMo

Tomorrow is the first day of camp Bring your pencils and paper Goggles, beach towels Bring your crazy golf tactics Friendship bracelets, word counts, Bring your hope for the summer, Permission slip from your mother, Campfire anthems, I can’t write anymore tantrums Bring all those nerves and your jitters Just don’t forget your nerve, shower slippers That seed of survival germinating into creation Change of plans, new arrival, that state of elation   20 years on from those first summer days Wondering if this’ll be the year I finally graduate From Guppy to Dolphin, those old swimming grades Whether Plotter or Pantser, enjoy these thirty-one days.

#045: all this time/sunday roundup

All this time spent on the what’s And hows How’s about I deposit a why? . Hello World and Happy Sunday! 45% in to my #100repchallenge, I’ve realised I’ve never actually sat down to write a post about why I’m doing this. This challenge is about posting a creation (usually a poem) every day for 100 days. The number of course is arbitary but it’s never usually about the numbers is it? It’s about sitting down at my desk with some hot lemon and ginger tea, or apple juice or a raspberry smoothie and marking out space in my day dedicated to writing and play. As well as building an active practice, a goal of mine since last year has been to learn more about poetry technique. Thanks to the internet, I’ve found so many helpful and mostly free digital resources for developing craft. I thought it’d be a great idea to track this progress and share my findings and insights on Sundays about the things that inspire me, the techniques I’m learning and the …